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Key Cutting
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Key Cutting

There is nothing more problematic and frustrating than a lock which cannot be opened. Issues related to the locks seem to be very troublesome. If you do not have experience of dealing with locks and keys you should never try to cut keys on your own. Instead, it is better to give a call to Torontonian Locksmith and get their services. If you try opening the lock on your own you may end up messing it even more. There are plenty of key cutting devices available in the market and it may tempt you to cut the key and make the lock useable on your own but if you fail to do it in a proper manner, it may worsen the situation and make it more difficult to fix the lock. The professionals hired by Torontonian Locksmith are trained well to cope with such situations.

What We Do?

At Torontonian Locksmith, we have maintained a mobile team of qualified technicians who have all the expertise in reproducing keys of any make or any model. Key cutting for duplication of keys is our specialty and we can cut keys from the existing keys or can even make one for you from scratch in case if you don’t have an original one.

Key Duplication by Code

There are codes associated to many keys which can identify the keyway and cuts. There can be direct or indirect bitting codes; we use these for determining where and to whom any particular key belongs. There is other information stamped on many keys like lock brand, key brand, hardware/locksmith store which produced a particular key, etc. We use all this information for cutting the keys perfectly for you to exact details so that the key fits in the lock perfectly and does not damage the lock internally and make it unfit permanently.

Key Cutting of High Security Keys

There are high security locks, with special keys; one of the security methods of such locks is having a plastic card, looks like a credit card with number on it. With the following code we can also cut you a new high security key without having the original key, incase if you lost it or just need additional key.

You might be aware of security devices like P.A.T.S., V.A.T.S. or the Transponder car Keys. These devices are used for preventing car theft as they disarm the automobile in case if non-transponder or an improper key is inserted to open the lock. Our experience and expertise in Key Cutting allow us to cut keys very precisely so that even if you have lost your key somewhere, the security device may not recognize you as an intruder.  

Why call a professional from Torontonian Locksmith for Key Cutting

Torontonian Locksmith specializes in various lock types, and some of these locks can be operated manually while others are more technical and need more professional handling. So, depending upon the type of lock with which you encounter problem, you can give us a call. Fixing a lock with more security options is always a more challenging thing than manually controlled locks. For each type of lock, we have a professional waiting to do all the hard work and use best key cutting technique to provide you with a perfect replacement.

Multiple keys for important locks

Keeping more than one key for important locks is very important especially if you have children in the house because children are naturally intrigued for things elders hold carefully. So, if you do not want to face problems related with the storage of your important notes or documents or anything, it is very important that you keep multiple keys located within the confinement of your house. For this purpose, you may ask us to cut a replacement key for you.

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