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Door Openers/ Electric Strike

If you want to be in a position to open or close doors without expending any energy, you should call upon us. We will not take much time to reach you and provide you with high quality automated door openers. You will be able to open and close doors with a press of a single button. All our door openers are of high quality and they have been pieced together using modern day cutting edge technology. This makes our door openers some of the best across the whole globe. All the door openers we supply carter for all businesses and homes. Therefore, you can call upon us regardless of the size of your business facility or home. In a bid to enhance security, we always attach electric strikes to all our door openers.

Why are our door openers trusted?

All our door openers are designed by high profile security sensitive designers that are currently leading the market. Utmost attention and priority is given to customer satisfaction as well as enhanced security. For this reason, you can trust our door openers.

In addition, we have door openers that are very easy to install. Within a short period of time, the high quality and technologically advanced door openers can be installed to full functionality.

Quick response and high secure is exactly what you can expect from our door openers. Using cutting edge technology, we have embedded a variety of quick response devices within the door openers. With a single click of a button, you can expect to open your door. Security is also highly emphasized and the addition of electric strikes in all our door opener systems is aimed at enhancing security.

Having been in existence for a taste of time has also enabled us to gain the desired experience to provide high quality and up to date door openers.

How can our door openers be used?

Our door openers are aimed at enabling individuals whose mobility is restricted. For example, individuals who move with frames may find our door openers quite convenient. They can easily open their interior and exterior doors with ease. You can operate our door openers with a remote control. Therefore, you may not actually need to make any kind of movement for you to open you interior doors.

The door openers are also convenient for people who are not able to move on their own. For example, people who need the aid of a wheel chair to move from one point to another can take advantage of the door openers that we supply. Without having to open the door with the help of a knob, you can easily open your door.

You can use our door openers in any convenient environment including bathrooms, offices and various rooms within your house. In your office, you will be able to open a door without touching the knob. This system of opening and closing doors is also renowned for being hygienic. The spread of germs and bacteria is impossible with these door openers.

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