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Access Control

Many times, one has to face situations where it becomes necessary to limit the access of certain people to certain areas. In such scenarios, access control mechanism has to be applied for making sure only the authorized people can access certain areas of a building or office. At Torontonian Locksmith, we provide you with the best systems that can help you avoid any kind of security breach.

What is Access Control?

Access Control systems are designed for giving access to only the authorized people to get in and out of certain premises, restricting public and visitors from having access to such restricted areas.

Software can handle such a system on networked computer for adding or removing users, checking on any kind of movements with certain reports as well as to manage safety of the hazardous areas.

What we can do for you?

At Torontonian Locksmith, we can design a system for you to deal with almost any kind of situation providing you access control for single doors to even larger systems with so many doors and elevators, boom gates, garage doors, etc. integrated in the system.

We have latest access control systems that are leading the industry offering powerful advances when it comes to smart card apps, management of digital video, biometric integration, etc.

Our systems for access control are able to cater virtually unlimited users through proximity cards, biometrics that has been encoded uniquely.

Biometric Readers for Access Control

These biometric devices are a source of providing better security as they identify and assess unique body characteristic of a person. These systems are a combination of the PIN or cardholders badge and the biometric template. The biometric solutions that we have to offer at Torontonian Locksmith are accurate and offer fast access control features.

Smart Cards and Remote Control

Torontonian Locksmith provides you with a 2-in-1 solution where we combine biometric device with the smart cards, with the help of non-contact standards smart cards technology. They capture the hand geometry and fingerprint templates at the time of enrollment which are written directly to chip of the smart card.

Logical Access

Employee credentials are consolidated by ‘enterprise access cards’ on a single smart card that is well-secured and offers photo ID along with security device which allows for secure network and windows login, secured remote access i.e. VPN, PC ‘locking’, secured email through digital signatures as well as single sign-in to the desktop and enterprise applications. Buildings as well as other facilities can also be accessed by the employees through same card when you have implemented a security solution that is truly consolidated.

Technical Specs & Capabilities

Here are some of the technical specs & capabilities of the access control systems offered by Torontonian Locksmith.

  • Our systems are networkable.

  • One can track cardholder locations for preventing two persons from sharing single card.

  • Separate levels of access security can be given to every cardholder.

  • One can integrate our systems with attendance and time management software.

  • One can program the cards with particular lockout times.

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